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Model PLB Preformed Loop

Application: 1/4" wide saw cuts, gated facilities

The Model PLB Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop/lead-in assembly designed to be installed in 1/4“ wide saw cuts. The design allows for variations in the perimeter of the loop slot. There is no need for 45 degree corner cuts. The PLB loop cable, lead-in cable, and splice enclosure are designed for maximum reliability and long life. Wire insulation and cable jackets are Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE). XLPE insulation provides excellent thermal, electrical, and physical properties.

The perimeter of the PLB Preformed Loop is 2' longer than the specified perimeter of the loop. The additional 2' of cable allows the cylinder depth to be adjusted to accommodate variations in the perimeter of the saw cut. For example: A 6' x 4' loop with 25' lead-in would be ordered as a PLB-20-25. The 20' loop perimeter will be 20’ plus 2'.
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