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RENO, Nev. (February 26, 2016) – Reno A&E (RAE), is pleased to announce the Introduction of a brand new service, “Signal Monitor Recertification”. The Signal Monitor Recertification program provides a new Factory 2-Year Warranty, Hardware & Firmware Updates, Minor Repairs, Test Report, New Warranty Label, and a Certificate of Recertification for any RAE signal monitor less than 12 years old.

Traffic signal cabinets have to continuously operate in harsh environments that subject electronics to a constant onslaught of heat, cold moisture, insects, power surges, and other unforgiving conditions. The Signal Monitors manufactured by RAE are designed to withstand the operational environment within intersections. To make certain the proper operation of these passive devices when conditions demand it, they should be thoroughly tested periodically to ensure safety. The recertification program helps establish effective and proactive maintenance strategies in today’s litigious world. This program was developed to help agencies quickly, easily, and cost-effectively perform this necessary testing task.

All signal monitors returned for recertification will be subjected to rigorous testing in accordance with factory Quality Assurance & ISO 9001:2008 programs on a quick turnaround basis in order to get units back in service quickly.

The Signal Monitor Recertification Program consists of:

  • Installation of applicable software and/or hardware updates
  • Complete technical bench test
  • Repairing any hidden issues or components that might have been damaged in the field
  • Final test with an industry-standard, automatic monitor tester that includes a printed report
  • Resetting the monitor to factory default settings and clearing internal memory logs
  • Return shipping
  • New 2-year warranty from the date of recertification

For more information on Signal Monitor Recertification and how we can tailor a program for your agency please contact the RAE Sales Department.

About Eberle Design Inc. An ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company – Celebrating over 35 Years of Excellence Eberle Design, Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a leading manufacturer of electronic monitoring and detection products for the traffic, access and rail industries. The company's broad array of products - including conflict monitors, inductive loop detectors (e.g., autos, motorcycles, railway and bicycles), power supplies, flashers, load switches and other mission-critical infrastructure control components - allows transportation and access control professionals to integrate, automate and manage intersections, roads and access points (e.g., gated entry, tolls and parking) easily, efficiently and safely. The company designs, manufactures and sells under the EDI and RENO A&E brand names and is recognized as a leading provider of rugged, high-performance, specialty components. With 2 billion error-free detection and intersection monitoring transactions performed every 24 hours, the more than 3 million active EDI devices currently deployed globally are essential to enhance motorist and pedestrian safety.

About Reno A&E Reno A&E is recognized as a worldwide developer and manufacturer of reliable high-performance component products designed to enhance and augment traffic, access and railway control systems. The company produces signal monitors, vehicle detectors, bicycle detectors, power supplies, flashers, load switches, flash transfer relays and other vital infrastructure devices. Reno A&E, a subsidiary of Eberle Design Inc., is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and works with Preferred Suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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