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Eberle Design and Reno A&E introduce the first data aggregator providing real-time intersection and arterial data access for performance measurement


DETROIT, Michigan, September 7, 2014 —Eberle Design Inc. (EDI), the broad-line industry leader in traffic detection, intersection safety monitoring and access control products, announced the introduction of Eberle Glance™ and RAE Glance™, the first system capable of accessing real-time intersection and arterial traffic data from any traffic cabinet, regardless of the controller or central ITS system.
The DA-Data Aggregator™ system is very useful for providers of performance measurement data, as it offers accurate real-time intersection information such as traffic counts by phase, phase status changes, cabinet alarms, and duration of signal phase by color. The DA-100™ easily interfaces with all NEMA, Type 170/20270 and ATC controllers, and pushes parsed traffic data to a cloud-based server where the data can be easily accessed by ITS system integrators and real-time traffic data providers.


Dr. Bill Sowell, Vice President-Business Development for Eberle Design and Reno A&E said, “In April 2014, it was stated during an ITS America conference on “Big Data” in Boston, that ‘the greatest weakness of traffic management agencies and MPOs is lack of access to accurate intersection and arterial traffic data’. We believe the Data Aggregator, Eberle Glance and RAE Glance deliver real-time traffic signal activity and unparalleled access to intersection information capture and cloud connectivity. This capability is a wonderful addition to our iCITE™ (Intelligent Cabinet Interface for Transportation Equipment) product suite that our company will continue to develop to meet our customer’s needs.”


Eberle Design and Reno A&E will have a live system demonstration using 10 operational intersections in Marietta, Georgia at the ITS World Congress in Detroit, booth #1121. For more detailed product information please visit or


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Eberle Design Inc. founded in 1980, is comprised of EDI in Phoenix Arizona and Reno A&E in Reno, Nevada, is a privately held firm that provides traffic and access control professionals with reliable, high- tech safety monitoring and vehicle detection component products that offer value added and significant lifecycle cost benefits. For additional information please visit


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